North Lancashire Wildlife Group

(formerly North Lancashire Naturalists' Group)


The group has the following items of equipment available to loan. Just contact our librarian and he will bring the items you want to the next convenient meeting.

Field equipment
First aid kit (Zenith sm workplace kit) 1 BC
Tick twister 1 RZ
Small mammal traps (Longworth) 6 CW
Bat detector - Bat box duet 2 CW
Bat detector - Magenta BAT5 1 CW
Invertebrate equipment
Moth trap (Heath trap) 1 CW
Insect net 18" (white) 1 CW
Insect net sprung 2 CW
Insect net sprung with extension pole 2 CW
Sweep net 2 CW
Young naturalist set - 6 tubs plus dish 4 CW
Square pots 60x60x30mm 10 CW
Tubes 55x20 100 CW
Tubes large 100 CW
Tubes small 100 CW
Magnifying lenses 5 CW
Pooter - barrrel 3 CW
Pond-dipping equipment
Pond net 1mm mesh 2 CW
Pond net 0.5mm mesh 1 CW
Large pipette 3 CW
Sample tray 6 division 1 CW
Sampling tray - white 5l 3 CW
light weight sampling tray 3 CW

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