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North Lancashire Wildlife Group

(formerly North Lancashire Naturalists' Group)

Items you can Borrow

We have books, magazines and a variety of equipment available to borrow.


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The group has the following books available to loan. Just contact our librarian and he will bring the books you want to the next convenient meeting.

TitleAuthorPublisherDateISBNOn loan
Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies in Towns and Cities Butterfly ConservationW
The Millenium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland 2001 Asher, Warren et al. O.U.P20010-19-850565-5N
A Complete Guide to British Butterflies Brooks, Margaret & Knight, Charles Book Club Associates1982Y
Butterflies and Moths in Britain and Europe Carter, David Pan Books19820-330-26642-xN
A Lepidopterist's Handbook Dickson, Richard Amateur Ent 0-900054-28 N
Moths Ford E.B. Collins1967
British Pyralid Moths Goater, Barry Harley Books0-946589-08-N
A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain & Europe Higgins L.G. & Riley N.D. Collins19700-00-212028-3N
Collins Butterflies of Britain and Europe Higgins, Lionel & Hargreaves, Brian Collins19830-00-219702-2N
Colour I.D. Guide to Butterflies of the British Isles Howarth T.G. Viking19840-670-80355-3
Provisional Checklist of Lepidoptera of Lancashire Palmer S.M. 2002
Butterflies in Woodlands Robinson T.C. Forestry Commission0-11-710092-7
Observers book of Butterflies Tstokoe W.J Fredereicke 0-7232-1519-N
Butterflies Warnecke, George 19730-222-69267-7Y
Pocket Guide to Butterflies Whalley , Paul Mitchell Beazley19810-85533-348-0
Butterflies of Britain and Europe Whalley, Paul Hamlyn Nature Guide 19790-600-55860-6
Insects and Spiders
Ladybird Identification Chart
Britains Spiders Bee L, Oxford G, Smith H Princetown978069116529N
The Oxford Book of Insects (rep 1974) Burton, J Oxford Univ. Press19680-19-910005-5N
Insects of Britain & Western Europe Chinery, Michael Collins19860-00-219137-7
Dragonflies New Naturalist Corbet P.S., Longfield C. & Moore N.W. Collins19600-00-219064-8
The Wasps Evans H.E. & West M.J. Eberhard David Charles19730-7153-6060-4
The Dragonflies of Great Britain and Ireland Hammond, Cyril O. Harley Books19830-946589-14-3
Woodlice of Britain & Ireland Hopkins, Stephen F.S.C.19911-85153-204-8N
Insect Natural History Imms A.D. Bloomsbury Books19731-870630-39-4N
How to Begin the Study of Plant Galls Ing, Bruce Countryside Pamplet1966-7
The World of the Wasp Joy O.I.Spoczynska Frederick Muller Ltd19750-584-10338-7Y
Dragonflies Kemp R. Worcestershire Conservation Trust1981
British Spiders Vol.3 Locket,Millidge&Merrett Ray Society19740-903874-02-4
Dragonflies New Naturalist Handbook 7 Miller, Peter L. Cambridge U.P.19870-521-31765-7
Insects of the World Remington, Jeanne E. Bantam Books1975
Scolioidea,Vespoidea,Sphecoidea,Hymenoptera,Aculeata Richards O.W. Royal Ent.Soc.1980
Key to the earthworms of the UK and ireland Sherlock, Emma AIDGAP978190881940N
The wasp that brainwashed the caterpillar Simon, Matt Headline Pub0-85546275-2N
Mosquitoes New Naturalist Handbook 14 Snow, Keith R. Richmond Publishing Co Ltd19800-85546-275-2
The Coleoptera of the Witherslack area of Cumbria Thomas, James R. A. Raven Ent & N
Introducing the Insect Urquhart F.A. Y
The dragonflies of Lancashire & N. Merseyside White S. & Smith P.H. Lancashire & Cheshire Fauna Society2015
Reptiles & Amphibians of Britain & Europe Arnold E.W. & Burton J.A. Collins (Hardback)19780-00-219318-3N
The vertebrates of Lancashire White S. (ed) Lancashire & Cheshire Fauna Society2017978-1-9997312-1-2N
The Oxford Book of Wildflowers Ary S. & Gregory M. Oxford Univ. Press1960
The Wildflowers of Britain & N.Europe Fitter R., Fitter, A., Blamey M Collins Paperback19740-00-219069-09Y
Sedges of the British Isles Jermy, Chater & David BSBI19820-901158-05-4
Wild Flowers of Chalk & Limestone Lousley J.E. Collins
The Wild Garden (Illustrated Guide) Lys de Bray 19780-297-77480-8N
The Flowering of Britain Mabey, Richard & Evans, Tony Arrow Books19820-09-928060-4
Trees & bushes in wood and hedgerow Methuen, Eyre & Lange, Johan Eyre Methuen0413-0160-5N
New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora Preston C.D., Pearman D.A. & Dines T.D. Oxford Univ.Press20010-19-851067-5
The Pollination of Flowers Procter M. & Yeo P. Collins19730-00-213178-1
A visitor's guide to Woodland Trust woods Quarrie, Rachel Woodland truN
The Wildflower Key British Isles &N.W.Europe Rose, Francis 19810-7232-2419-6
New Observer's book of wild flowers Rose, Francis Frederick Wa07232-1642-8N
New Flora of the British Isles Stace, Clive 2nd ed. Cambridge U.P.19970-521-58933-5
Wild Orchids of Britain Summerhays V.S. Collins 19850-00-219086-9
The Secret Life of Trees Tudge, Colin Penguin Books20050-141-01293-5Y
Entangled life Y
Mushrooms & Toadstools- A Field Guide Kibby, Geoffrey Oxford Univ. Press19790-19-286004-6
Mushrooms & Toadstools Lange,M & Bayard Hora,F Collins19650-00-219300-0
Introduction to Mycology Macdonald J.A. Butterworth Scientific Publications1951N
Fungi of N.Europe No.1- Larger Fungi Nilsson, Sven & Persson, Olle Penguin Nature Guides1978
Fungi of N.Europe No.2 - Gill Fungi Nilsson, Sven & Persson, Olle Penguin Nature Guides1978
Sea & Shoreline
Pocket Guide to the Seashore Barrett J. & Yonge C.M. Book Club associates1974
A Key to the Crabs & Crab-like Animals of British Inshore Waters Crothers, John & Marilyn F.S.C.1983
The Open Sea - The World of Plankton Hardy, Alistair New Naturalist1956
Seashore Guide Hayward, Peter & King, Simon BBC Wildlife
A Field Guide to the British Brown Seaweeds (Phaeophyta) Hiscock, Sue F.S.C.1979
Freshwater Crayfish in Britain & Ireland Environment Agency
Managing Ponds for Wildlife English Nature19961-85716-215-3
Ponds & Streams Clegg, John T.P Crowood Press19891-85223-233-1
Freshwater Invertebrates Croft P.S. F.S.C.19861-85153-181-6
Life In Lakes & Rivers Macan T.T. & Worthington E.B. Collins1974
Birds of Prey - Habits and Habitats Andrews, John World distributors1979723508623
The Kingfisher Boag, David Shire Publications (Natural History Series)1986
The Oxford Book of Birds Campbell, Bruce & Watson, David O.U.P.1964
R.S.P.B. Reserves Visiting Chapman A. RSPB19870-903138-24-7
Bird watching Flegg, Jim Parragon075252436-4N
A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain & Ireland Gooders, John Kingfisher19570-86272-143-1
A birdwatching guide to Menorca,Ibiza & Formentura Hearl, Graham Arlequin Paperback19961-900159-20-1
The Popular Handbook of British Birds Hollom P.A.D. Witherby (pub.1952)rep. 196985493-002-7
Birds By Character, The Field Guide to Jizz Identification Hume, Rob Papermac1990333490541
Birds Of The Norfolk Broads Jones R. Jarrold & Sons Ltd1977
Birds of lake, river, marsh and field Jonsson, Lars Penguin Book014063009-0N
Pheasants, Partridges & Grouse Madge S. & McGowan P. Christopher Helm20020-7136-3966-0
A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain & Europe (4th. Ed.) Peterson, Mountford & Hollum Collins (Hardback)1961
Key to the Wildfowl of the World Scott, Peter Wildfowl TrustRep 1977
Owl Pellets - Identification of remains Yalden D.W. The Mammal Society1977
Lancashire and Cumbria
Lancaster British Geological Survey Y
Geology of the Country Around Lancaster Brandon A et al. British geological Survey19980-11-884526-8
The Natural History of Walney Island Dean, Tim Faust Pub.0-948558-04-0
The Flora of Lancashire Greenwood, Eric Palatine Books2012Y
Flowering Plants & Ferns of Cumbria Halliday, G Univ.of Lanc.197801-901699-62-4
Lancashire - a journey into the wild Lamb, John Palatine Books, LWT201813:978-1-910837-14-6N
Fungi of Gait Barrows N.N.R. Livermore P.D. & L.A. Nature Conservancy Council1987
The Flowering Plants, Ferns & Rusts of the Lancaster Canal Livermore L.A. & P.D. L.A.&P.D.Livermore1989N
Plants & Rust Fungi of the Dismantled Railway Lines in the Lancaster District Livermore L.A. & P.D. N
Lancaster's Plant Life Livermore L.A. & P.D. 1991
Coastal Plants & Rust Fungi of the N.Lancs Coast Livermore L.A. & P.D. L.A.&P.D.Livermore1990
Mosses and Liverworts of North Lancashire Wigginton, M.J. 19950901800-81-3N
British wildlife Arlott,N , Fitter, R & Fitter, A HarperCollin185927092-1N
The Countryside Detective Consultant Bellamy, David Y
Conserving Bogs - The Management Handbook Brooks, Stuart & Stoneman, Rob The Stationery Office19970-11-495836Y
A Nature Guide to Wales Chatfield, June E. Usborne Regional Guide1981
Nature Detective Falkus, Hugh Penguin19780-14-00.5438-3
Countryside Conservation Feltwell, John Whiteland Leisure.rep. 19891-85079-186-4
Other Minds, the octopus and the evolution of intelligent life Godfrey-Smith, Peter William Coll987000822629N
The Delarna Journey Linnaeus C. & Casson A (ed) Gullers Forl978918823866N
Test3 Machiavelli, Niccolo W
Heathlands Packham, Chris Collins Hard000-219844-4Y
The Changing Scene - A Review of Natural History in the N.W. Shepley A.V. (ed) 1966
Watching Wildlife Stephen, David Collins Hardback1963
Wildlife Britain - 1000 Sites Around Britain Strathers, Ruth (ed) Think Books2007978-1-84525-039-3Y
Focus on Nature Thompson, Gerald & Oxford Scientific Films Book Club Associates1981
The invention of nature Wulf, Andrea John Murray1-84854-900-N
Brochures & Journals
F.S.C. Guides (numerous)
Keer to Kent No 58 Autumn/Winter 2005 Arnside & Silverdale ANOB ; Landscape Trust2005
Local Nature Reserves Barker G. English Nature19991-85716-441-5