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Have you seen any of these? It is a non-native invasive species, the Australian flatworm (Australplana sanguinea). This year I have found a dozen in my backyard at Warton, often climbing up the wall when it is raining. Prior to this they have been recorded on tennis courts in Lancaster in 2019. They mainly eat earthworms and it is said they can seriously deplete the soil of them.

Words and Photograph Linda Renshaw


Please send in your observations and help build up a detailed knowledge of what lives where in this area so that we can: -
Conserve particularly interesting sites
Monitor changes in numbers and distribution of species.
Add to National recording schemes (your flower/earwig may provide a new dot on a national map).
Please try to include: - recorder`s name, species, grid reference with place name and date.Remember that any observation may be valuable, not just the rare and unusual.


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