About Us

Pick for Britain was set up by a consortium of UK based businesses who are using their expertise to ensure that the shortfall of farmings seasonal workers will not affect your business.

According to the NFU the UK are going to be approximately 90,000 seasonal workers short for farming this year.  This is going to have a knock effect for years to come unless solutions can be found.  This is the reason behind the Pick For Britain campaign and why we are here to help ensure that the UK agricultural sector continues does not suffer anymore through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here to raise awareness of how important working in the agricultural sector is and are bringing back skilled local people to once again embrace there heritage and work in the farming sector.  Within the UK we are blessed to have one of the best educated workforces throughout the world, this has been achieved through education and immigration, by ensuring we work with all demographics Pick For Britain can get employers the workers they need.

In this current world wide crisis, here at Pick For Britain, we want to show the UK that it is not only the heroes in blue who deserve praise but the heroes who are keeping food in people’s mouths by cultivating and harvesting crops, these farms are the unsung heroes who everyone forgets about.

So let us all join together and ensure that there are no shortfalls in the agricultural sector, for more information call us on 01386 719 010, we look forward to hearing from you.