Right to work in UK, (Passport or ID Card; Proof of National Insurance and Proof of Address dated within the last 3 Months)  If you are an international Student we require a student letter confirming a University place and an up-to-date timetable.

Follow the up to date Home Office page for employers on Government site.

Majority of jobs are picking and are paid on Piece Rate.  Piece rate pay depends on the quantity and quality fruit that a person picks and how long it take.  People will be required to pick a targeted number of trays per hour. Piecework pay will be based on quality and individuals performance at no less than an equivalent of the current hourly minimum wage.

During busy period picking starts from early morning around 04:30am or 05:00.Hours always depend on weather but typically people work 8 hours a day.  These will be normal sunlight hours.

This can vary due to weather but is generally 6 days per week.

This varies from client to client but generally there will be a 2 week probation period.  During this time people will be taken to the farm and quarantined if required and your suitability for work will be assessed.  The probation period could be terminated early if the minimum performance levels are not met.

Into bank accounts (we can help you set up a bank account if you do not have one)

Generally speaking they are paid weekly but each contract is different

Season starts from mid of May till end of October, however, this does vary between contracts.

No, the workers must live on site. Transport only provided to take workers to farm for the first time from Smethwick or Handsworth.

This varies between sites but is as an average.  People who stay in accomodation provided will be sharing accommodation 2 bedroom for 4 people or 3 Bedroom for 6 people, rent is £39 per person per week.  In addition people will pay for Food, Gas and Electricity they have consumed.  No charge on accommodation is made until they have started work.

You should not bring a car on to the farm when you arrive nor purchase one whilst on this farm if you are staying in the accomdation due to lack of space to park all cars.  However, if you are not using accomdation then you can bring a vehicle to get to work.